Saturday, May 16, 2009

Protests at Notre Dame Against President Obama are Useless.

Readers: Bravo to what Mr. Davich says below. The protests at ND will do nothing to stop abortion. If we want to stop abortion (and we do), it would make much more sense to talk with young people about their attitudes, aspirations and actions in the area of sexual morality. Peoples' choices to engage in sex have ramifications not just for themselves, but for all of society, especially when society is asked to condone the killing of the child in the womb, thus aborting the baby's and our future. Saturday nights have consequences for us all on Monday morning. We need to express concern and compassion for people, especially women, caught up in a culture that offers them abortion as an easy answer for their situation.

All this bloviating against politicians has done nothing to change Roe v. Wade. Even overturning Roe v. Wade will just send the issue back to each individual state, and thus abortion will be legal in at least some states (This is Sen. McCain's position on the issue).

Abortion will end when no one at the abortion clinic can make money aborting babies. The only way to stop abortions is to have our young people stop producing unwanted children, and empowering young women to give birth to any child they carry, and supporting their choice to give life. Adoption is always a better choice than abortion. Peace, - Fr. Rick


Just imagine if all the time, money, and energy wasted - yes, wasted - over President Obama's controversial appearance and commencement speech on Sunday at Notre Dame could be spent on more meaningful endeavors.

Think of it - what will really change after his speech and all the protesters - both in support and against his invitation there - go home for the night? Not much, if anything.

The pro-life supporters will return to their daily orbits, content in their efforts. The pro-choice supporters will return to theirs, feeling the same way. And media personnel will return to their offices to broadcast "the news of the day."

What, really, will be accomplished by all this? Besides higher TV ratings, bold headlines, and a lot of back-slapping, nothing really.

Instead, why don't those protesters spend their time, energy, and Christian compassion on, say, people in need of it. God knows, there are enough of them in this country.

Instead of standing outside the venue where Obama will give his speech, joining thousands of others, go alone or in a group to a homeless shelter and feed the hungry.

Instead of yelling in the streets and hoisting signs toward the heavens, find one person who is starved for human companionship, if only for that day.

Instead of publicly pontificating on the hot-button issues of abortion and stem-cell research - to no one in particular - visit a nursing home and talk to people who have no one to talk to.

I [Jerry Davich] get so fed up with people such as these protesters who want to change the world one policy at a time, Jerry Davich is the metro columnist for the Post-Tribune Newspaper. Since 1995, he's written thousands of columns and stories with one goal in mind: to create a dialogue with readers, not a monologue. He hopes this blog expands his goal into cyberspace. but who are clueless, or unwilling - or both - to do it one person at a time.


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