Thursday, November 03, 2011

First glance at the new Roman Missal

Okay. The New Roman Missal has some good features, e.g "Take this all of you and eat of it" (no longer "eat it").

But the elimination of the three Eucharistic Prayers for children is, IMHO, a big mistake.

And take a look at the drawing of the Last Supper on the other side of the title page. Notice the person whose head is shown leaning on Jesus' left shoulder at the Last Supper. Does that person look decidedly like a woman? Just asking. Some will welcome the image of a woman at the Last Supper (remember the old question, "Who did the dishes?"). Others will be scandalized by the idea a woman was present. Remember, I'm just asking... don't shoot the messenger.

And when I first picked it up, I thought the "chapel" edition was the Big Book. It's twice as thick and heavy as the old small Sacramentary. This new missal comes in volumes with real heft. I feel sorry for small altar servers....

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