Monday, May 07, 2012

Jason McGlynn is a friend who has written a fascinating new book Divine Towels.   He has Cerebral Palsy and his perspective enriches us all.    Peace, Fr. Rick

Divine Towels

Authored by Beau Jason McGlynn

Divine Towels is a fictional story where Jesus asks Ethan and his mother, Claire, to do a very special mission for Him: open a nonprofit store, called Divine Towels, where people have their feet washed. Depending on how much faith people have, they will be given healing in one form or another according to God's will and in his time. Some may be healed of their physical ailments or could be healed in other ways: being blessed with spiritual gifts and being empowered through the Holy Spirit to do mighty works or walking away feeling an overwhelming peace. Those who are healed think differently and have the uncanny ability to come up with unique solutions to complex problems.

Jesus said that until we get past the milk of the gospel and can overcome the obstacles of our lives, we can never move on to the gospel's true meat. Divine Towels provides a means and empowers people to bulldoze the obstacles that prevent them from accessing the storehouses of provision filled with meat. By fixing your eyes on Jesus and doing what He commands, it is possible to rekindle the flame of passion and zest for life that was so visible in the Acts of the Apostles.

Divine Towels is a bold book that has the power to change your life as well as remind Christians of what their role is in the world today! It revitalizes weary, tired souls, especially in a time when people feel as if they are living on autopilot and there is little hope.

Publication Date: May 02 2012
ISBN/EAN13:1475093829 / 9781475093827.  Page Count:272


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