Saturday, June 13, 2009

Newsweek: dumb or racist? All Supreme Court Justices are "white"?

Ms. Dahlia Lithwick and Newsweek exhibit the subtle and disturbing racial amnesia that afflicts so many well meaning "White" Americans. How could she and Newsweek state that ALL the Supreme Court Justices are "White"? (Newsweek, June 30, 2008, p.31, in the print edition). (accessed June 12, 2009). Did she just forget Justice Thomas? And why bash the wisdom of the healthy elders?

"The justices.
Anybody who believes the current Supreme Court looks like America needs to take a few more trips on a Greyhound bus. All the judges are white and/or old; most are both" (Lithwick, "The High Court: A User's Guide," Newsweek, June 30, 2008, p. 31).

Newsweek should correct this glaring inaccuracy in the on-line edition. One hopes reporting about Judge Sotomayor's confirmation hearing demonstates a higher level of journalism.


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