Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Where Would Jesus be Born Today?

This is one of Time Magazine's pictures of the year. The homeless sleep in a tent city outside Seattle. Such dynamics are playing out across the USA and our world (Read Nigerian Jesuit's Uwem Akpan's Say You're One of Them).

All those who argue against the redistribution of wealth (even when the top 1% have more than the bottom 95%) should know that heaven is a place where wealth is distributed justly, for such is the reality of the love of God. Catholic Social Teaching calls for the just distribution of goods, not the insane inequality that see things like the grotesque paying of $700,000 for the average bonus for those who "work" (what exactly do they do that is worth all that?) at Goldman Sachs.

Those who want to maintain systems of inequality, socially sinful systems fueled by the celebration and worship of the idol greed, a false God who demands the sacrifice of our brothers and sisters (e.g., the unemployed, those whose homes are "under water," those whose lives are ruined by our wars, those whose lands are destroyed by the first world's pollution of our planet) will not want to enter the Kingdom of God. They will be free to choose a place where the few hoard all against the hopes and prayers of the many. That place will be hell.

Know that Jesus comes to save us from our idolatrous enslavement to an unjust and insane corporate capitalism. Join Jesus' redistribution program where "all will give according to their abilities and take according to their needs," the communistic system that characterizes family life. Only a system based on love of one another can make a world wherein we can live forever in peace and justice and love. - Rick

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